“It all began in Brixton. It’s right there, in London’s most deprived suburb, that I started to set out the guidelines of a project that was taking shape inside of me: Mr. Blackout.”

Mr. Blackout is not just another streetwear brand, but a real communication project. Made-in-Italy t-shirts become a way to communicate, while SKULLS – the brand’s first collection – brings to light the dark sides of five big cities around the world. See the COLLECTION page to learn more.

“I travelled a lot, and while visiting the worst districts and boroughs I realised that, the light of hope is hidden in these places, buried under crime and poverty. It’s a desire for revenge, which is in the eyes of all the people and the businesses that manage to survive. These feelings, combined with my personal experience and my passions, have led to the creation of Mr. Blackout.”

“My need is to talk about the “blackouts” of the human being through a brand. I want to attract the attention of young people – who are so focused on the lives of successful people – towards the dark. I want to shift their attention to real, harsher situations that can give us the key to understanding the darker sides of ourselves.”