The skull is a symbol used all the time in human history. Its universality is what makes it so interesting: every human being has one, regardless of their face, personality, or social background. Basically, the skull embodies the victory of content over form.

It’s just a short distance from the neon-lit streets of downtown Osaka. Kamagasaki is a residential area occupied by slums and vagrants, making it dangerous and invisible. Police shy away from this neighbourhood, which is certainly not recommended for tourists. Go to the STORE to buy the t-shirt.

2. TEPITO (Mexico City)
Both foreigners and Mexicans keep away from this barrio, labelled as a den of criminals.
A home for smugglers and outcasts, Tepito is also an important cultural centre, which even houses the most famous Santa Muerte statue in Mexico. In addition, it’s a matriarchal place; it is said that men here only wear pants to the dry cleaners… Go to the STORE to buy the t-shirt.

3. NYANGA (Cape Town)
In Nyanga – also known as the “murder capital” – unemployment levels are estimated at 70% and AIDS is the most serious problem in the area. The high rate of crime is attributed to factors such as alcohol abuse and general decay. As if that were not enough, this township is first in the ranking of the world’s most dangerous areas. Do not book your Airbnb here. Go to the STORE to buy the t-shirt.

5. FORCELLA (Naples)
It’s a unique city with plenty of pizzerias, world-famous tailors and tourists getting lost in its alleys. Everything looks decadent and ephemeral, yet this quirky place has stayed the same for centuries. The reign of organised crime, Forcella has generated violence over the years, but also street art, such as the murals depicting St. Gennaro by Jorit Agoch right next to the church of San Giorgio Maggiore. In short, it’s a big, wonderful mess. Go to the STORE to buy the t-shirt.